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I've never been to therapy before and was a little apprehensive about starting. I wanted to be sure I was seeing someone I'd be comfortable with. I chose Razan based on all the lovely reviews on Yelp and I have not been disappointed. She has been incredibly helpful in guiding me to find answers on my own even when I'm not in her office. She gives you the tools to do that. She's easy to talk to about anything that comes to mind. She doesn't just ask how you feel, she challenges you to question yourself and see through a new lens when appropriate. I'm so glad I found Razan when I did. These last few months have been much easier having her to talk to.. Choose a customer testimonial, review, or quote from the media that gives prospective buyers confidence in your brand, your products, or your customer service.


My bf and I have been seeing Razan for a few months now for couples counseling. We had never tried couples counseling before and I was afraid that we wouldn't find someone who fit us both. I was afraid my bf would have trouble opening up to her or he just wouldn't like her. My bf is hard to crack but he actually really likes her and so do I!

Just for some background, when we first starting going, we were broken up and contemplating getting back together. Razan asked really good questions, things we had avoided or tried to work around. She did not beat around the bush or sugar coat things which we really liked. We left the appointment not reconciled but agreed to give each other space, think and come back.

The following week, we went back to our appointment reconciled. We each thought of the advice she offered the previous week and went back to each other knowing what we wanted. Every time we leave an appointment, we leave stronger.

We started with barely a relationship. No trust. No confidence. And now our relationship is so much stronger and just keeps getting better. I can't wait to see how far Razan takes us as a couple.


What can I say about Razan! She is an incredible therapist. My life seemed to be falling apart, I was at a crossroads in my 18 year marriage and didn't know what to do. I googled "therapists in the Tracy area" as that is where I work and so many popped up. Her site however said it all. She said she was open minded and willing to help anyone. I am a lesbian so that made a difference to me.

I emailed her and told her a little bit of my story...thinking of course, maybe I'd hear back in a day or two. I actually reached out to several therapists that night...

Not only was she the only one to respond back, she responded that night with words I will never forget...I CAN HELP... she made the effort to get me in to see her immediately and let me tell ya...she changed my life. Her office is inviting and warm, she is completely a no-nonsense woman which I adore as she helps me work through my drama...not sugar coat my pain and she tells my like it is...but, is willing to hold my hand all the way through the journey.

Y'all would be remiss if you need someone to talk to and you don't call Razan Tuttle...just ask my wife :) AC

Razan is awesome! I've never felt like I've clicked with a therapist, and from our first conversation, I knew that she was the one. Razan has the ability to make you feel comfortable right away. She's down to earth, compassionate and funny as hell! In a very short amount of time, she has helped me feel like I'm on a positive path towards becoming a healthier happier person. She genuinely cares, and is easy and fun to talk to. I give Razan a million stars!! SS

Razan is amazing! She makes you feel incredibly comfortable and is so personable. She wastes no time in delving into tough issues, however she does it very compassionately and empathetically. She gives you tips and tools that you are able to use. I have been to many different therapists and Razan by far is the best! SM

Razan is the absolute BEST - period. My young daughter and I both look forward to our sessions; we felt comfortable within an instant of meeting her. Razan is a wealth of helpful information and practical strategies to improve one's life. She also has a wonderful, positive energy that is both supportive and encouraging. Razan is thoughtful and caring and really goes above and beyond to make sure we're doing well. Our family feels incredibly fortunate to have found her! KC

If you have been contemplating going to therapy or have been researching therapists to work with stop your search now and book your first appointment with Razan. It sounds dramatic but Razan's therapeutic services WILL change your life for the better. Razan is hands down THE BEST! I have been to many therapists in the area over the years and I can say without a doubt she is the best therapist I have ever had. She has helped me navigate through many of life's challenges from my personal anxiety, familial conflict and general life coaching. Her office is warm and inviting and I feel so much lighter when I walk out. SL

Razan is such an amazing therapist. My only wish is that my wife and I would have found her years ago. She is very down to earth and relatable. Words can't really explain the wonders she has done but I can definitely say our marriage is in a much better place and we have grown tremendously. We came to her in a crisis and now we stay because we just continue to grown stronger. AH

Razan has been pivotal in my journey to reducing my stress, anxiety and major depression. Her approach to therapy is mindful, compassionate and understanding. She really cares about her clients and wants the best for them. Her active listening and thoughtful feedback has helped me see things I never would otherwise see. Thank you Razan! BA

For the past year I have been dealing with PTSD. I thought I could deal with it by myself but realized I needed help. I'm not a person that likes talking to others about my problems but when I met Razan I couldn't feel more comfortable. It was like I was talking to someone that I had known for years. Just after the first session I felt a weight off my shoulders. After 2 to 3 sessions my family said they could see a change in me and that I looked happier. I couldn't have done it with Razan. She has helped me more in the last month than I could explain. I can't thank her enough for that. I would definitely recommend Razan. She is a great person, great listener and you can tell that she loves what she does. She can definitely help you if you are looking for someone to talk to. RS

I don't even know where to start! Razan is THE BEST! She is compassionate, kind, smart, funny, understanding, her way to get to the bottom of things and help where the help is needed is amazing. You can tell she loves what she does and always makes her customer's feel like you are the only person she treats. My son loves to see her he looks foward to his therapy sessions. He has never been comfortable with strangers and on the first session he was already loving her. With no doubt in my mind I would recommend her. You can't find a better therapist out there. MH


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